Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bon Voyagee

I am quickly approaching zero hour. T minus 36 hours and counting until I begin my sleigh ride to Ireland for a week and then over to Westcott House for a quarter in Cambridge. (Yes, Kyle, I know you're an Oxford man, but we can still be friends anyway.)

I am looking forward to my vacation in Ireland. So much to see...starting with St. Patrick's Anglican cathedral and the Guinness brewery (or is that the Guinness cathedral and the St. Patrick's brewery?) I may have to consolidate pints because no less than 12 people (including an unnamed bishop) have told me to lift a pint for them in some of the pubs in Ireland. If I drink 12+ pints of Guinness, you'll probably be hearing about me in the news.

I am also going to try to arrange a trip to Newgrange, the pyramid mounds in Ireland that are about 1000 years older than Stonehenge and where C.S. Lewis apparently got the inspiration for the stone table in the Narnia Chronicles.

Assuming I can find a reasonably affordable internet connection, I will try to keep my blogfolk apprised of my (mis)adventures. I get to spend tomorrow seeing what all I can pack into two suitcases. Have no fear, I'm a professional live-out-of-a-suitcaser.

As Bugs Bunny used to say, "Bon Voyagee."


Stephen Newell said...

Enjoy! See as many castles as you get the chance to. Visit my family's home, County Down. Visit the national museum and gaze at the Book of Kells. And while you're there, raise a 13th pint for all of your Southern Baptist brothers who are "confined" to Welch's Grape Juice. ;-)

The Archer of the Forest said...

Actually, you will be number 14. Ironically, Voyager Nick beat you out for Lucky 13.

Raisin said...

While you're counting, lift a pint for me too. We'll miss you around here!

Kyle said...

Nice. Have fun, man!