Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sports d'Oh!

Being forced to follow college football online by reading sports scores on places like is bad enough. Waking up on Sunday morning to find the computer network is down was just maddening. I was able to check the early afternoon shocker games before I went to bed (Arkansas 27, Auburn 10; Florida 23, LSU 10), but I was forced to wait until the network came back online to hear about the one I really cared about.

And apparently it was worth the wait: Tennessee 51 Georgia 33

I find that hard to believe actually. Georgia has a very good defense and they were at home no less. I thought Tennessee could play them close, but I never expected them to score 51 points between the hedges. That's phenomenal.

In other sports news I didn't see coming, the Detroit Tigers sent the New York Yankees packing. As good as the Yanks were, I am truly shocked by this, especially since the Tigers completely limped into the playoffs. As a ChiSox fan, I have to grit my teeth. However, any team that can knock off the Yanks gets a tip of my biretta.

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