Thursday, November 02, 2006

Postcards from Narnia

I have been a little busy finishing off some essays and starting my final one this week. Thus, I have not had a whole lot of time to blog. I have booked myself solid every weekend from now until I am going home, so I should have plenty of pictures and misadventures to share by the end of it all.

I already have a stack of postcards over an inch thick. Luckily my family collects postcards, so this isn't a problem. They are surprisingly great soveneirs: cheap and yet quality memories in years to come. For the cheap discerning traveler, you can usually hunt down the shop that has a sale on postcards and get 5 to 10 for a pound. If anyone who reads this blog (whom I know personally) would like one, let me know. I believe I have managed to send most of the folks I know back home at least one.

I also have plans for escapades to Canterbury (this weekend), Rome (next weekend), somewhere in southern England the weekend after next when Roger comes to kidnap me for the weekend, and Granada, Spain the first weekend in December to see the AlHambra, one of the few major Arabic architectural monuments I have not managed to see yet in my life.

Ryanair is a wonderful thing (and has a great name I might add).

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