Eustace and the Dragon


Why We Fast for Lent

      The season of Lent is often described as a journey. All of us are required to repent of our sins. Some of the ways we are asked to join in the journey of Lent includes various penitential acts like fasting and abstaining from certain foods as a visible way we manifest repentance and a change of mind and heart in our Lenten journeys. The Mass readings today tell us of various ways some of the people in the Bible went on various journeys because of their faith.      The 22nd chapter from Genesis tells the poignant story of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son, Isaac, as a test of his faith and obedience to God. This narrative challenges those of us on our Lenten journey to consider the depth of our own trust in God's providence, even in the face of daunting trials. Like Abraham, we are called to surrender our will to God's and to trust that He will provide for us, even when the path ahead seems uncertain.      In the Letter to the Romans ( 8:31b-34 ), Saint

A glorious Jeffersonian State Supreme Court Opinion

People ask me what my political leanings are, usually trying to pigeon hole me on whether I am a Republican or a Democrat. I have, at various times, been registered as a Democrat, Republican, Independent, and Libertarian. I am really do not fit cleaning into any of those 21st Century political categories. I will say I am currently registered as a member of one of the major parties, but only so as I can vote in the primary in my state. My state has such a late primary (not the very last, but close to it), there really is not much point to it on the Federal level as Federal candidates have usually pretty much already coalesced by the time my state's primary comes around, but I can at least have a say in state and local election primaries, which is really about the only thing I care about anyway. So, to the original topic of "what am I?" I am a leftover Jeffersonian agrarian. I believe in Jefferson's idea of republican democracy. I believe in Federalism in the true sens

American chocolate

Why is American chocolate always such garbage? You get used to it, but then have some real European chocolate, and it's like you have a religious experience. I blame the soy lecithin that American chocolate makers use as a preservative, but I have no idea really. Asking for a friend... 😂

Thoughts on Lepers

First off, an update on myself. I am still chuffing along. I am in discernment about the permanent diaconate in the Catholic church, so that is where I am at currently. After a long hiatus of 10 years, I am finally back in formation, and I want to get back to writing blogs on occasion. I know I have promised that in the past, but I do want to make a discipline of blogging, though blogging is dreadfully out of fashion anymore, but I still enjoy it.  This coming Sunday is the last Sunday of Ordinary time before Lent. There is an interesting set of readings on leprosy , of all things. I have been writing reflections in my parish bulletin weekly for a while now, and wrote one that I would pass along: If asked to imagine what life was like in Medieval Europe, many people today might well picture in their minds the image of the people in those times afflicted with leprosy. Most modern movies set in the Middle Ages with likely at some point have a scene in the film of a leper in rags beggin

Greetings, world

 It's been long time since I have blogged, and I was thinking about getting back into it. Any thoughts? 

Homily Notes for the 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

                Many churches often have Stewardship Renewal drives around this time of year, with St. Michael’s beginning its drive in mid-October. Talks or homilies on stewardship during this time of year often utilize the imagery of the fall harvest season because stewardship is often a time to take stock of God’s bounty-both spiritually and materially-and plan accordingly as to how much a family or individual is willing to commit to giving to the parish in the coming year of their time, talent, and treasure. The Mass readings today are picked in part to reinforce that theme of the importance of giving to God’s work through the church out of the bounty God has given to us. The question in the back of some people’s minds as they listen to stewardship appeals often is not touched upon in depth by the preacher or speaker discussing the importance of stewardship, however. That question is best summed up as, “If God is all powerful, why does He need my money?” The readings today beaut