Sunday, November 06, 2005

I am alive

This is just a brief note to let all my readers know that, contrary to rumor, I am still alive. I have been away on "Plunge" and am still in Pittsburgh until Wednesday. I have been truly booked solid the entire time meeting with various people and groups here at Calvary church.

I just preached my Sunday sermon not more than 45 minutes ago. Everyone was very gracious and said I did very well. But, seeing as I was a visitor and a seminarian, I probably could have preached a complete crapper and gotten the same response.

I am skipping the adult forum to update my blog. The adult forum is discussing the outcome of the Pittsburgh diocesan convention, which we attended, so I do not feel like I need to scoop on that. The only thing I can think to say about that at this point is: Schism isn't coming, folks...its already here. I am pretty conservative, but even I was scared by what I was hearing.

Anyway, I will post more on that when I get back to Chi-town. Hope everyone is doing well...

The Archer+


Kyle said...

I thought I would be spared the trouble of killing you.

Anonymous said...

Schism already here? Catch me online and tell me... or post.