The Archer's Comment Policy

I got into a little snit a few days ago, or perhaps it is more accurate to say one of my blog readers got into a snit with me, about my not posting a comment they had left. I deleted it because I found it to be inflammatory and political in nature. I realized I have not listed a coherent comment concerning my blog, so here are my simple rules:

1. Civility please. That seems simple enough, but I am constantly staggered by the amount of blatant disrespect of courtesy, especially on the internet. I think the internet lets people feel "safe" to post comments they would not have the guts to say to any real person's face. To that end, comment boards have to be monitored. Comments that do not meet the basic rules of civility (name calling, profanity, etc.) will be deleted.

2. My second rule of comments on this blog is not to discuss politics. I really try to avoid political discussions altogether for various reasons. The primary reason being that the country in so polarized right now, people can't seem to have reasonable discussions on politics without devolving into vitriolic name-calling baboons. My secondary reasoning is related to the first: Cicero and the art of rhetoric are no longer taught in American schools, leading to silly political rants of aforementioned baboons.
If you must discuss politics, I have created an off-blog blog. I don't commentate on politics too often, but if and when I do, please feel free to post politically based comments in good taste and with sound reasoning. The same rule of civility applies. This includes partisan rancour and hobby horse riding. Political comments that do not meet these requirements will be deleted.

3. Any sort of spam or ads for other commerical websites will be deleted.

4. Any comments involving purple bunny rabbits, whoopie cushions, and Wagner operas will be deleted. No exceptions.

Political disclaimer: Any similarity to persons living or dead or somewhere inbetween is purely coincidental. Side effects may include dry mouth, headaches, stuff head, fever, nausea, and random tomato levitation. Women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant should consult a doctor not an Archer. I'm the Archer of the Forest and I abhor this message.


Kyle said…
Okay, so now I'm curious. I'd wondered why you were using comment moderation.

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