Thursday, October 28, 2004

Heresy of the Week!

Its that time again, sisters and brothers! Your favorite blog game show...Heresy of the Week!

This week's winner: Monarchianism

Monarchianism was a term coined by Tertullian for the heretics who were vague about defining Christ's relationship to God while still maintaining God's monarchy. Erring in one direction were those who thought Jesus was the random chap God picked out to be "son" on earth. This was called adoptionism. In the other direction but still under the same umbrella, were the Modalists, who said there was only one being of God. This God used differing "modes" at different times to fulfill his purpose. He was called at various times Father, or at other times Son, or at other times Holy Spirit, depending on the circumstances.

Tertuillian combated this by saying Jesus was at once Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus the Living God. He coined the term Trinity and began what would become the final Christian understanding of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one God, three persons.

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