Saturday, October 23, 2004

Lavabo Bowl Results

Evanston, IL: In a downpouring fall day, the Seabury Western Saints, though much improved over last year's stomping of 35-7, lost to Nasotah House Black Monks in the Lavabo Bowl flag football rivalry 22-21. Last minute referee mistakes made the contest another hotly contested classic in the long running rivalry.

The Lavabo Bowl is the annual football contest between the two Episcopal seminaries. Seabury is in Evanston, IL north of Chicago. Nasotah House is located about 3 hours north in the Wisconsin area. Only in America between 2 Episcopal seminaries, can the name "Lavabo Bowl" be both for a football bowl game name. (A lavabo bowl is the liturgical bowl which holds holy water.)

Pre-game festivities included a 10AM mass in the Seabury Chapel, followed by an incensing and blessing of the field by Rev. Dr. AKM Adam, in full Anglican clerical garb, bringing the other flag football game between Northwestern intramural teams to a standstill at the spectacle of high churchery.

Kickoff began at 11:15 CST. Team Captain and QB Dr. Frank Yamada led a valiant opening series scoring a touchdown in the rain. In a back and forth battle, Seabury lead by 1 at the half. With less that 2 minutes left in the game, Nashotah scored, taking the lead by 1 point. Seabury stormed back down to the Nashotah red zone, only be picked off in a play marred by roughing the passer and pass interference, neither of which was called, much to the chagrin of Seabury fans. When asked about the play in a post game interview, a heart broken Charlie the Wonderdog, the Seabury impromptu mascot, was quoted as saying only, "Ruff!"

Post Game festivities included a cookout (or cookin as the case was, seeing as it was raining) followed by tours and the presentation of this year's Lavabo Bowl trophy. Initial reports of rioting and looting by Nashotah fans were greatly exaggerated.

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I can't say I'm terribly sorry that they beat the pants off you liberal revisionists.

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