Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A Perfect Example

Before reading this post, read my Preliminary Reactions to the Eames Report below.

That having been said, I had no more than finished that blog and went to dinner, only to return to find this little nugget: http://www.fosters.com/october_2004/10.19.04/news/ap_vt1019a.asp

To recap it, essentially the Episcopal diocese of Vermont announcing that they would still continue to bless civil unions, even over the explicit warnings for a moratorium as outlined by the Eames Report.

As I said below, the Eames report is toothless, as it lives in a anglotopian world where everyone wants to reach a concensus and be happy. As this illustrates, without stern measures, liberal elements are still going to keep right on doing what caused the crisis to begin with and we are right back to where we were before the Eames commission even began.


Kyle said...

I am just now this afternoon sitting down to read The Windsor report, but I've been wondering how "toothful" the report itself needs to be. The Commission has recommended whatever it has, but now folks will react or ignore it, and the Africans will do what they must. And the conservatives will probably go with them.

So would I. ++Canterbury may still decide to disinvite some folks, and pull together some mechanisms for discipline. Even if the word "repent" were used, I think the liberals would do the same things.

I predict an end to waiting.

The Archer of the Forest said...

I tend to agree. I think whatever will happen will happen in relatively short order.

Heh...I am reminded of something my Southern Baptist seminarian friend told me a while back when we were discussing "the issue" and the ECUSA. He said, "Man, what takes you people so long? We'd have already broken and had our own seminary by now..."

Such is life in the Anglican communion.