Wednesday, October 27, 2004

This news just in, We Serve a Goddess!

Before I begin my rant, check out this (from the official website of the Episcopal Church)

Am I the only one completely horrified by this? More to follow when the smoke in my room clears


Apparently, the minister who posted the above heretical pagan rite under the guise of "inclusive language" and feminist christianity was forced to remove the link and recant after a public outcry. To read more, click here:


Kyle said...

The link is "not found." But have you checked out the "seeker section" on 815's website? If you're horrified by something the boys and girls at the DFMS put up, it's prob'ly come from there...

The Archer of the Forest said...

Sorry you missed that little gem, Kyle. It was awful, so obviously ripped from a pagan rite. I updated titusonenine's response to it.