Monday, October 25, 2004

Thought for the day

Well, for todays thought, I thought I would pull out something a little weird. It comes from...get this name...Honorius Augustodunensis, a mysterious monk from the 12th century, probably residing at the monastery/hermitage at Regensburg. He is believed to have written an encyclopedia of scientific knowledge of his day:

"There is no other authority than truth proved by reason; what authority teaches us to believe, reason confirms us by its proofs. What the evident authority of scripture proclaims, discursive reason proves; even if all the angels had retained in heaven, man and all his posterity would nevertheless been created. For this world has been made for man, and by world I understand the heaven and the earth and all that is contained in the universe. man's exile is ignorance, his homeland is science..."

Yes, folks, I am not kidding...that was a 12th Century monk. Talk about a man ahead of his time. Sounds like he'd fit right into PostModern Episcopalianism.

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