Thursday, November 18, 2004

30th Anniversary of Ordaining Women

This week was the 30th anniversary of the "Philadelphia 11"...who 30 years ago where the first women to be ordained priests in the episcopal church. Personally, I have always supported women in ministry. I think they bring a lot to ministry that men do not possess. This blog really has no purpose other than to thank all the women ministers out there who do a fabulous job.

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Kyle said...

There was in the Living Church a few weeks ago an editorial on the matter written by a female presbyter. She talked about one of the problems of women's ordination and the way it's come about being found in the concept of ordination as a civil right. The most swaying arguments seem to be made on the basis that ordination is a baptismal right, that "equality" as it is understood in our western culture founded on classical liberalism is an appropriate theological catagory in the Church of God. I should have copied it, as I thought it made the point well.

In other words, the whole "ordain women or stop baptizing them" quip -- invalid. The idea that someone only has value if you'll ordain them is just plain silly.

Not that you've said anything like this. Just the first thing that came to mind.