Friday, November 05, 2004

Thought for the Day

I have been a little over whelmed of late and have not been posting to my blog like I should. So, here is the thought for the day:

"Ambrose, Bishop of Milan around AD 375, was innundated with refugees after a nearby region had been sacked by some Goths. Ambrose ordered that funds be raised for them by melting some of the golden vessels and ornaments of the church. This created a storm of criticism by church folk, to which Ambrose replied:
'It is better to preserve for the Lord souls rather than gold. He who sent the apostles without gold also gathered the churches without gold. The church had gold, not to store it, but to give it up, to use it for those who are in need...It is better to keep the living vessels than the golden ones!' "
-pg 191 of The Story of Christianity by Justo Gonzales, Harper Publishing 1984

Things haven't changed much in churches in 1700 years have they? Try talking parishioners into giving the new sound system to the poor and see what spam hits the fan! This is where its at folks...
Grace and peace

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