Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thoughts on This and That

I have been pretty lax on posting this week, so I feel I must apologize to my two avid readers. Things have been oppressively busy this week. I am having to make a trip to Omaha on Saturday as I have been summoned by the Almighty Inquistion one last time (otherwise known the Commission on Ministry.) Oh the joys of episcopacy!

But the good news is, if all goes well, this should be the last round of bum kissing as I should be finally and officially granted postulancy. I have had the bishop's approval for some time, but church bureacracy is church bureaucray. "Learn to love it!" the Calvinist says through clinched teeth. I won't have to fool with the COM again until I file for ordaination candidacy, but that won't be for a least a year. And in any event, the COM is paying for my plane ticket this go round, so all is well. But please say a prayer for me on Saturday that I can say the right things, pretend to be a team playing seminarian that loves bureacracy, and not tick off the powers that be. Sounds simple, don't it???

Aside from that, this is bar none the worst weekend to be away as I have 2 papers and 2 oral reports due next week. I saw this coming, so I have been running round like a decapitated ornithoid. But, life happens...

In any event, that's me and my life. I should be back to relative normalcy by monday. Blessings+

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Kyle said...

You mean "ring-kissing," right?

That could be your problem...