Saturday, December 11, 2004

End of the Quarter

Well, that's that. The quarter end is finally over and I survived. All the papers turned in by the stockings with care, exams finished. Well, actually I only had one exam. And yes, Clement of Rome died in 100 and Origen was allegedly a eunuch. I know all that stuff. It was a fun ride, but its good to take a break. Thanks to everyone who said a prayer for me this holiday season.

In other news, I sometimes do a bit of sports writing and such, usually off the record. I do like football. I happened to be talking off the record to some Ohio State boosters the other day (they were playing Northwestern), and they told me they gave money and other goodies to OSU football players all the time. I couldn't believe they'd just up and admit this to someone they didn't know. I asked them how they could get away with it, and they said, "Its the perfect scenario. Its cash and off the record, and Coach Tressel can simply claim he doesn't know anything about it. Everybody does it." I told them the NCAA would eventually catch them, but they just laughed me off. Maybe they were yanking my chains, but I doubt it. These were not idle boasts.  We will see what happens over Bowl season.

It's probably more interesting than preparing for next semester anyway....

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