Friday, February 25, 2005

More on the ACC

If you all are still not understanding what the ACC is, here is something that come across the ENS earlier...

Daybook, from Episcopal News Service
February 25, 2005 - Friday Forum
Explanatory note: The Anglican Consultative Council

[ACNS] In reference to the Primates Meeting communiqué, 24 February 2005:There are four instruments of unity that serve the world wide family ofAnglican/Episcopal churches. They are: The Lambeth Conference (meets every 10years, for bishops); the Primates Meetings (regular meetings for the seniorarchbishops and bishops of the 38 Provinces); the Anglican Consultative Council(meeting every 3 years or so, includes laity, bishops, priests, deacons); andthe Archbishop of Canterbury in his international role as primus inter pares.The communiqué issued 24 February mentions the Anglican Consultative Council(ACC) in particular and its meeting set for June 2005 in England. (The meetingsare held in different parts of the Anglican Communion, the last meeting in 2002was in Hong Kong.)Among the ACC functions are:
1. Sharing information about developments in the provinces and to serve as aninstrument of common action, often by resolutions or initiating programs.
2. Advising on inter-Anglican relationships and formations of new provinces.
3. Sharing resources of all kinds and support for the mission of the globalchurch.
4. To engage in important ecumenical dialogues and interfaith work on aninternational level.
5. Each province pays toward the inter Anglican budget for the ongoing work setforth by the ACC and the other instruments of unity as required. The ACC membership includes from one to three persons from each province. Boththe USA and Canada have three members each.The ACC staff includes directors of finance and administration, mission andevangelism, ecumenical and theological studies and communication. The SecretaryGeneral serves as the secretary of the ACC meetings and the Archbishop ofCanterbury is the president.The current chairman of the ACC is the Rt Revd John Paterson, Bishop ofAuckland, New Zealand.

The Secretary General is the Revd Canon Kenneth Kearon.

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