Saturday, March 19, 2005

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Postulants

Well, the old Archer of the Forest is back at S-W Penitentiary after a let down of a spring break. My family had planned to go on a cruise to the Bahamas, but alas my cousin, whom my parents have sort of adopted, decided to have his appendix explode. Thanksfully, it was a few days before the cruise so it did not happen onboard ship. That would have been a major league fiasco.

So...I was able to rebook my plane ticket to K-town and spent part of the week in the hospital with my cousin, and then took a few days to go visit some friends down in Georgia. I am back now in Chicago, after going out for some Chitown pizza.

I should be back to blogging now. The Anglican communion managed to not implode while I was gone, but more is forthcoming. Its Holy Week, so I will try to post something appropriate.

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Kyle said...

We can only hope that the Communion's appendix will be removed before that happens