Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sold my Soul for a Bulls Ticket

As much as my Anglo-Presbyterian soul sometimes has issues with my current Anglo-catholic parish, there is at least one good reason to have been going to a high church Anglo-catholic congregation. One of the attractions was the Sudanese ministry at St. Paul's by the Lake. When I was an intern in Omaha, there was a big Sudanese ministry at the church I was living at. So I sort of gravitated to St. Paul's since being in Chicago for that reason.

Well, at luck would have it, there is a Sudanese player who plays for the Chicago Bulls. Apparently, he tries to stay in touch and help out the Sudanese community here in Chicago. To that end, Mr. Deng left some Bulls tickets with Father Heschle to give to the Sudanese boys at St. Paul's. After tracking down all the Sudanese that wanted to go, Father Heschle called and asked if I would help drive. (I got a free ticket for my trouble). So I got to go the house the Jordan built for free. I'm sure it was amusing to see two white men who know nothing about basketball trying to explain the game to a group of Sudanese men who know even less.

On a sad note, the player/patron of our little excursion to the Bulls game got injured during the game, colliding with Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets. He did not return, apparently a sprained ankle.

Sometimes its good to have church connections, even if I have apparently sold my soul for the Bulls ticket.


Kyle said...

At least you get pretty frocks in the bargain.

The Archer of the Forest said...

High church frockery...saints preserve us

Anonymous said...

Tell All the guys I said hi. I hope you are enjoying St. Paul's...I really miss everybody there.
Jeff Reich+