Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Back in Tennessee

Just to keep my blogging public informed as to the whereabouts of the Archer, I am safely back in Tennessee doing CPE. Things are going better than expected actually. After hearing horror stories from the upper classmen at Seabury, my anxiety meter was running a bit high. But I have found my group of CPE people and the chaplain staff to be super thus far. Let's just hope it stays that way. My group has myself, a Baptist, 2 catholics (unusual for East Tennessee) a Lutheran (very unusual), a Congregationalist who is married to a Muslim (very, very unusual) and a Unitarian (I really feel sorry for her trying to explain to mountain folk what that is).

I am the chaplain for 11 East at the hospital, which is a general floor, a step above trauma. So, that seems to be going fairly well. Again, let's hope it continues that way.


Emily said...

Most people usually have a good CPE experience--it's just that the ones that are bad are really, really horrid and therefore far more memorable in the retelling.

Blessings and best wishes!

AKMA said...

Glad to hear it's looking good in Tennessee — would you check in with me on this topic?

The Archer of the Forest said...

I will shoot you an e-mail here shortly explaining my Chicago CPE snafu.