Thursday, June 02, 2005

The End is Near

Well, maybe not The End, but rather the end of the school year here at Seabury-Western Theological Penitentiary. Another batch will be paroled tomorrow at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Evanston at 10:30. I heard from the rehearsal today they are already behaving like priests (and/or cats) in need of herding. Congratulations, folks...remember your friends on the inside. The fate of Christendom is in your hands. And as my great uncle used to say, "if that don't scare ya', ain't nothin' will."

In other news, I will be doing Clinical Pastoral Education (cue the sinister theme music) this summer at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville. So, if for some reason you end up in the hospital there, ask for me. (If you end up at the Baptist Hospital up the street, ask for my mother, she's a nurse there as well as Parish Nurse at Rutherford Memorial Methodist in Corryton, TN.)

Since I am going to be spending a little time back in my old stomping grounds in Knoxville and in an HTML linking mood, I included church links in the side bar to St. John's Cathedral, where I went to church in college (and coincidentally where another Seaburian is from), and St. James' Episcopal where my Aunt and cousin go, and where I went to midnight mass on Christmas Eve last year.

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The Ranter said...

Good luck with CPE. I've heard its where aspiring clerics get 'ripped a new one' and where you get your 'dark nights of the soul.' I laughed when I saw you refer to Seabury Western as a Penitentury (sp)