Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sweet Tea, shaken not stirred

I was wondering before I left the Seabury Pen how long it would take me to get my Southern accent back when I came back to Tennessee. I was surprised how quickly it all came back. I think I used "ain't" no less than 4 times today and actually said "ya'll."

I think the kicker was when I was called into the ER for a trauma yesterday and some good ole boy had been brought in after a 4-wheeling accident. He reeked of alcohol and the doctors in the ER were trying to figure out what it was as I watched in amusement. They bantered for like ten minutes until I finally busted out laughing and said, "Its moonshine, fellers." All those degrees and they couldn't figure that out. Maybe that's a good thing they didn't know. Maybe I'm back in the South. Maybe I need to end this particular blog before I completely morph back into a redneck.

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Kyle said...

That's excellent.

May God continue to grant you peace and good humor.