Friday, July 22, 2005

Harry Potter redux

I guess I am about to alienate what seems to be the entire civilized world, but I just don't get Harry Potter. With the 6th book out, HP fever is again sweeping the country. I have tried and tried to get into Harry Potter (read a few of the books and seen the movies), Harry Potter just does not seem all that imaginative to me, frankly.

I know...I know. It gets kids to read and that's great. And I am not saying they are bad or trashy or the handywork of Satan like some nuts. I guess I am a book snob or something. I just don't get it.

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Voyager said...

I have to concur on your Harry Potter conclusions. I am pleased that kids are flocking to purchase books and actually read for a change, but in and of themselves the books are not very complex or imaginitive.

Granted, I've only read a couple of them, but as a Tolkien/C.S. Lewis fan, Rowling just doesn't fit the bill. However, to her credit, she did manage to catch me off guard a little bit in the second book.

Oh well, that's enough out of my mouth on this subject :-D