Sunday, July 10, 2005

Who needs fiction?

Here's the grave yard itself. During the trip to the graveyard, I think we got visited by a ghost. I know its weird and don't really believe in such things I don't think. But we were at this graveyard which was in the middle of no where; There were no houses around that we could tell. As we were walking through the graveyard, this weird Cherokee old woman appeared. No one saw her walk up and when we got ready to leave, no one saw her leave. She didn't say anything but just sort of followed us around the graveyard at a distance. It really creeped my mother and great aunt (seen here in the blue shirt) out. It was weird. I thought I had taken a picture of her, but curiously, the picture didn't turn out. Posted by Picasa

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Raisin said...

Whoa! Picture didn't turn out, eh?