Sunday, August 14, 2005

High Church/Low Church Hooliganism

I have been attending St James' parish in Knoxville over the summer, time permitting. My great aunt and her daughter attend there. They have one of the best choirs I have ever heard in an Episcopal Church, and the 8AM service uses Rite I with the fixed side altar, which makes me happy.

An interesting phenomenon I noticed when I moved out of the South was when I am in the South, I am a high church hooligan. I always thought I was high church until I moved to Nebraska. I asked the rector of St. James this morning if they ever used would have thought I had asked if they sacrificed kittens or something. When I am out of the South, I apparently morph into the John Calvin "Low Church"award winning Seaburian/hooligan.

Go Figure...

Speaking of high church incense, I ordered some incense from Holy Cross monastery that came this week, and its high quality. I recommend it, and I included a link in my Religious Institutions section. Surf over for your monastic fix. Monks with's just cool.

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Kyle said...

No accounting for taste, i suppose