Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Beware the Power of the South Side of the Force

This may in fact bring scandal upon us all, but I am very close to converting to the Dark Side. I made my first ever trip to a White Sox game this evening and had a blast. As any good city rivalry, you can't sit the fence. If you live in New York, its either Mets or Yanks. Here in Chi-Town, its Cubs or Sox. Or as one T-shirt read, "Cubs Sux."

Let me go on record as saying that my ueber-baseball team is now and ever shall be the Atlanta Braves. Being from the South and named after a Civil War soldier/relative, that's just a given. But being here in Chi-town and being a huge baseball fan. I have heretofore been reluctantly placing my local allegiance to the Cubs, having been to several games at "the friendly confines." In fact, I rigged my initial visit to Seabury to be on days the Cubs were in town. I have never been a huge Cubs fan jut a fan of Wrigley field, although their announcer Ron Santo is cool. US Cellular is no Wrigley, but its clean and spacious and charming in its Post-Cookie Cutter but not quite retro post modern style architecture. I am also something of a purist, so I root for the National League. (Hey, if the pitcher is making $6 million+, he can learn to bat for himself.) But it would be nice to have an American League team to root for, thereby I don't have to worry about being accused of being a turncoat and rooting for a competitor when the Braves are in town.

But if ever there was hospitality at a MLB game, I got it tonight at the Sox game. I got into a discussion of my allegiance dilemma with the fellow sitting next to me at the game. He (and subsequently other people who were regulars in the section I was sitting at) were trying to recruit me to the Dark Side. They even talked the beer guy into giving me a free beer. Good Guys wear Black, so the logo says. At least they haven't been cursed by a goat (just a little Black Sox World Series game throwing, but perhaps its best not to dwell on such minutae).

I do relish the idea of being able to wear a hat that needles the yuppie, white collar North Siders. So, if you see me around wearing a Sox cap, you will know I have succumbed to the power of the South Dark Side, or free beer, whatever.

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Ryan said...

Preach it, man! As you may or may not have noticed, I too am an uber Braves fan. Have been since my family and I started following them in the 1990 season and we turned on the game to see Mark Lemke hit a homerun. You were about as likely to see that happen as you are to see the moon blow up. I was a perpetual Ron Gant fan; his was the only autograph I ever really wanted and the only one I never got. But enough reminiscing about a team that won't be again. It's Francoeur time now, baby!

While you were away this summer CPE-ing, I was busy going to as many ball games as I could. I saw 8 MLB teams play, and of course, the Cubs and Sox multiple times. I saw 2 out of 3 of the Braves/Cubs series, the two we won, in fact and yes, I think those facts are linked. Being a Braves fan first and a general baseball fan second, I don't care much whether I root for the Sox, the Cubs, or both. I know that ties Chicagoans stomachs in a knot, but oh well. I enjoy going to both stadiums just as well, but for different reasons. Wrigley is just awesome! But US Cellular has $1 Hotdog night on Thursdays, and Half price tix night on Mondays.

And I thoroughly, completely, and totally agree with you. If a pitcher is getting paid millions, he can learn how to him. John Smoltz has 5 career HR's; learn from him.

You'll find a baseball fan in Milner, too.