Thursday, September 15, 2005

Interesting Things You See While Traveling

While I stopped overnight at my college roomies place in Lexington, KY, I saw a few interesting things in my journeys.

1. While in the middle of nowhere on I-75 on the TN-KY line near the Cumberland Gap state park, there was a large warehouse with a red roof which was apparently a, shall we say, adult supercenter. You could see it from the interstate (I did not stop). There on a big banner read, "Closed Sundays." Only in the Bible Belt does a porn warehouse respect the Sabbath.

2. After dinner, my old college roomie and I walked into the Historic Section of Louisville and found a little pub for a pint. It was more like just your average bar: dark, people with tattooes, etc. There were several big screen TVs with various channels and music was blaring in the background. Promptly at 7:30, Jeopardy! came on one of the Big Screens right behind the bar. Off went the music and in was piped Jeopardy! to which everyone at the bar was intently watching. And if you think that's weird, in walks a dog. He apparently knew everyone as he made the rounds. No, I didn't have more than one, folks...

3. My roomie had blown up an air matress for me to sleep upon (Hey, its my sentence and I will end with a preposition if I want to). We never heard a pop, but in the middle of the night, I found myself lying on a very hard ground. Air goes out of thos things really quickly it seems.


Kyle said...

That's crazy. I don't see how you could stand to leave.

BrotherBeal said...

I've seen that warehouse before, too - although heathen that I am, only the fact that the store was closed because it happened to be Sunday stopped me. I've never understood why people fly anywhere when they can drive and see so much more of the country. Having logged close to 10,000 miles of highway travel in the last two years, I feel I've only barely glimpsed America. If I never fly anywhere again, I'll be grateful for every mile I spend on the road.