Saturday, September 24, 2005

Monks with Blogs

I had a rather unusual adventure today. (I will be glad when class gets back in session as it will keep me out of trouble.) I heard through the grape vine that there was a Catholic monastery in Chicago. I found it to be a nice little place and the monks are friendly Benedictine chaps. Here is an excerpt from a conversion I had with the Prior:

Prior Peter: Oh, you go to Seabury?
Me: Yes, up in Evanston
Prior Peter: Isn't that the where that AKMA blogger is?
Me (with some surprise): Yes, he is my New Testament Professor. You've heard of blogs and know who AKMA is?
Prior Peter: Oh yes, I read his blog
Me: You read blogs?
Prior Peter: Oh yes, I have my own blog. In fact, we also have a blog where we post of sermons.
Me: Really? Monks with blogs?
Prior Peter: Oh yes, and we also sell caskets on our website.
Me (awkward pause): You do...what?
Prior Peter: Besides our guesthouse we have a casket business. Incense and candles aren't free you know. We have some very nice wood ones, hand made. I can get Brother Edward to show you our workshop if you like.

There you have it...South Side monks with blogs who sell caskets. Nuts grow big trees I suppose. You gotta love Chi-town.

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