Monday, September 19, 2005

Mouse Trappin'

Due to an unwanted visitor in my new cell here in the Pen, I was checking out mousetraps down at the hardware store. It is truly amazing how much store space is devoted to mouse and rat traps. They had regular mouse traps, mouse traps with fake cheese, poison, poison with assorted flavors (the mouse will be about to croak but his breath will be fresh and minty), humane "don't kill the mouse" traps (complete with a cutsy little picture of a mouse waving a white flag), rat boxes, rubber decoy rats (I was afraid to ask what those were for), and mice strips were the mouse gets caught in the glue like fly mouse (So when you see a mouse running around with bald spots, you will know why).

My favorite was one that had flashing LED lights, sonic vibrations, and, as far as I understood the directions, administered random shocks (I dubbed that the BTK trap). Also worthy of mention was the one large enough to trap rats the size of small watermelons or perhaps the family cat, which would no doubt lead to the following conversation:

Wife: Have you seen Fluffy?
Husband: No, but you should have felt how heavy that rat was that I caught.

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Jane Ellen+ said...

I'd also recommend mentioning your dorm-guest to the powers-that-be; they had an exterminator visit us last year, very promptly.