Sunday, October 09, 2005

Let the Championship Series begin

Well, with my beloved Bravos blowing a 5 run lead in 2 innings and falling to the Astros in 18 innings (no, that's not a typo), the American and National League Championship series are set in Major League Baseball. I got to listen to parts of the Braves game on the radio sporatically throughout the afternoon. I listened to some, took a nap, listened some more, went to an intramural football game, came back and listened to another 5 innings. That was truly a marathon.

So, it shakes down that in the AL, I think the Yankees will probably play the South Side Sox from here in Chi-town. Since the Braves packed it up early (again) the Sox have become the AL team I root for (see previous blog entries concerning my trip to the dark side). But whether the "Bronx Bomber" Yanks or the "We can't figure out where we live" Angels (California? Anahiem? Los Angeles?) win, they will be coming off a long 5 game series and will be tired against a very rested Chisox. And the Astros will be playing the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals certainly have the advantage there, as the Astros wore themselves out with the game 4 marathon with Atlanta. Sox-Yankees/Angels will be fun, although the Sox seem to have been on fire the last couple of weeks, I give them the early edge.

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