Saturday, October 15, 2005

Who's Number 1?

There has been some debate, and I think with some good reason, whether USC should be number 1 in the football polls despite the fact they are the defending national champions. After their lackluster performances thus far, I was inclined to listen to the argument. After watching the Notre Dame game today, though USC won by the skin of their teeth at literally the last second, I still have to give them the edge on number 1.

I have two general rules of thumb about football (and sports in general):

1. The defending champ stays the champ until they prove they aren't
2. Never bet against a team with lady luck on its side

USC seems to have both these characteristics, so they have my undivided vote as such until they lose. However, despite the loss, I think Notre Dame played like a top ten team. A loss, no matter how valiant, is still a loss. I know, I'm old school. And it gripes me to have to do this; but in all fairness I am moving the Irish up despite the loss, even though were not in my top ten list last week (I had them at 11). That was one heck of a game.

In other football news, my high school alma mater's long regular season football winning streak is finally over. It lasted 3 seasons. Though still in the hunt for the region, the magic is over. And I have to say, they are way, way, way (Seaburians will appreciate that play words) better than when I played. Which was not all that long ago, mind you. At least the days of our 87-20 collective butt kicking are over. That score, which still stands as a TSSAA state record for worst playoff football loss ever, is a record which may endure for eternity. And yes, as I recall, that was a very long bus ride home.


BrotherBeal said...

I don't even think it's fair to say they won at the last second. They got a controversial game deciding decision that, in my opinion, the umpire (or whatever you call the overruling referee) had no business making. Were I to vote, I'd put Texas at the lead, then USC and then VA Tech. Why the flip flop? Texas blew a ranked team out of the water yesterday. USC trailed for over three quarters. I don't think the difference between a team ranked 24 (Colorado) and a team ranked 9 (Notre Dame) is so big that it could account for the VAST difference in outcomes. Whether or not we agree on USC, though, I think we can definitely say that was a defining game of the season.

The Archer of the Forest said...
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The Archer of the Forest said...

Well, perhaps. But my aunt's bridge club could go undefeated on Texas' schedule. They barely scraped a win at Ohio State, yes. But Ohio State isn't a top ten team, and will likely end with at least 3 losses. Oklahoma couldn't beat a whipped puppy this year, and Colorado did not have any business being in the top 25.

If Texas can decided beat Texas Tech next week, I may reconsider. But I have to have conclusive proof before I dethrone a reigning champ with lady luck on its side. I am still not convinced Texas can win the big one. Yes, they have the talent, but have had for some years now. I am just not convinced Mack Brown is the tactician or coach that is going to win a national title. He can build a top 5 team, but he has to prove to me he can take it to the next level.

Kyle said...


pax tecum

BrotherBeal said...

Boring? This is quite possibly the defining question of our time, Kyle! It all comes down to the rankings.