Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I enjoy a good video game, but this is just truly bizarre to me. For what possible reason would someone do this?


BrotherBeal said...

I heard the argument made once that most MMORPG's (your games like Everquest, Ultima Online and presumably this game mentioned) have a fatal flaw in that they are too realistic. Ultima Online was simply awful at this. It was designed with the expectation that you could not only play as a mighty warrior or a cunning thief, but gamers could also experience life as a butcher, baker or candlestick maker, and the developers built an entire virtual economy around players doing boring yet realistic things to make money. As the best way to make money early on was to take an online job like this (low level characters armed with basic swords could supposedly be killed by deer and rabbits and couldn't make money as hunters) people figured out that this sucked. Thus, people who had made money in the game decided to sell game goods for real money and allow other people to bypass this VERY boring portion of the game.

Is this fair? Depends on who you ask. Is it smart? I certainly don't think buying 1's and 0's qualifies as intelligent spending. Does this guy have WAY too much cash? Yes.

P.S.: How bout those Longhorns?

The Archer of the Forest said...

At this point, I think, all things being equal, they could beat USC, but the Longhorns still have to prove they can win the big one when the pressure's on. They have to shoot the monkey on their back before I raise them to 600 pound Gorilla status...