Monday, October 24, 2005

World Series pontifications

The South Side Sox are now up 2 games to none on the (dis)Astros. Clemens left early in game one, due to OPCPITC (old people can't play in the cold) syndrome. The Sox did better last night hitting both a grand slam and a homer in the bottom of the 9th to win it. Houston's much lauded bull pen can't seem to get it together either. The Sox might have a legit chance at the 4 game sweep, since they seem to want it much more that the (dis)Astros do.

I have been noticing a curious phenomenon on the North Side the last week. I have actually seen Sox caps here and there. Usually, Sox paraphenalia anywhere on the Northside is akin to Sasquatch hunting. (You see black and white, fuzzy footage of alledged sightings, but nothing conclusive.) Not any more. I even got one Cubbie fan on the L train to say, "(after much harrumphing and finding his feet suddenly of interest) Yeah...Go Chicago." They just cannot bring themselves to utter "Go Sox." I guess that's what rivalry is about.

Oh the humanity...

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