Tuesday, November 29, 2005

'Get Rid of Spam' Spam

As annoying as it is (cue the Monty Python: "I don't like Spam!"), sometimes I actually enjoy wading through the subject lines in the weird world of unsolicited E-mail (spam). Truly, some of the unique combinations of stuff you get in the subject lines of Spam are truly entertaining.

You've all seen those obnoxious and disgusting e-mails. Suffice is to say its amusing when non-English speakers try to send spam. So much gets lost (or added as the case may be) in translation. Some of which do not even make sense. Since I try to keep this blog as clean as possible, I'm forced to leave out some of the truly funny subject lines involving...uh...well never mind.

Its interesting what spammers will do, however, in attaching XXX to spam subject lines. Subject: XXX House Mortgages
(I am afraid to ask how that works.)
Subject: Own your own online XXX Viagra business
(Why?...so I can end up like you spammers annoying people?)

I also enjoy the random spam that is so obviously false...
Subject: Turn Excess Body Fat in Buliva Watches
Or the ones that are misspelled...
Subject: Avoid Gaining Wight
(Wight...hmmm...must be like a widget. Or perhaps its only avoiding the Australian variety of weight)

I especially like the one that has a deceptive subject that turns out to be an advertisement for an investment...
Subject: Hello...from a high school friend
(Hmmm...You want me to invest my hard earned money in an institution that tricked me into opening an e-mail. Why is this not a good idea??)

I thought I had seen every variety and combination of spam, until this morning, when I got this little gem:
Subject: Get Rid of Spam Forever!
(Okay...Let me think about this. So this is spam offering a product for getting rid of spam. It's "Get Rid of Spam" Spam.)

That, my friends, is what I call mastery of the economic concept of supply and demand. I can't wait for the upgrade: "Get Rid of the 'Get Rid of Spam' " Spam. And all for a price of three easy payments of 19.95 and my self respect. The Gift for the Geek that has everything! What a bargain!

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Wozzeck33 said...

Ryan, that is so funny! I hope you remember to preach like that.