Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas: The Anglo-Methodist Edition

We alternate when I am home for Christmas as to what church we go to Christmas services. Last year, we went to St. James' Episcopal; so, this year we ended up at my mother's Methodist church for both the Christmas Eve and Christmas day services. I learned something astounding...Methodist ministers can, in fact, preach sermons less than 10 minutes. I was astounded. I've been to Rite I no frills Episcopal services that were not that short.

The other interesting thing was that the Baptist Mega Church wannabe across the street did not apparently have services. I find that just a bizarre phenomenon, personally. Its the same people who picket and hand out leaflets about secular culture taking the Christ out of Christmas. I guess they can't be bothered with the fact that they are taking the mas out of Christmas.

I then, due to the unseasonably short Methodist sermon, got home with enough time before dinner to putter with the new gadgets I got for Christmas. In short order I managed to test my new beard trimmer, which apparently works a little too well. I accidently set the clip setting too short and accidently shaved off my goatee. Oh, the horror! Luckily, I tend to have a 5 o'clock shadow by noon, so my goatee will be back in about 3 days. (Anglo-hobbits have this genetic trait, so I am told.) I then tinkered with my digital camera, having to read the directions just to try to figure out how to turn the thing on. For my trouble, I ended up with a nice, if somewhat accidental, picture of my (now neatly trimmed) nose hair that I will not post here.

With that bit of half hour mayhem, we sat down, clean shaven, to Christmas dinner: cherry glazed goose and all the fixings. Yum yum. At least the dinner was Anglican...God bless us, every one!

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