Friday, December 23, 2005

An Empire Crumbles

The sound you are hearing is the Boston Red Sox "Evil Empire, Jr." crumbling. The original Evil Empire is still going strong in the New York Yankees, who signed away Johnny Damon, the much beloved center piece of offense during the BoSox curse busting streak.

I think the beginning of the end of Red Sox dominance in the AL East may be coming to a close. Aside from losing Damon, consider:

General Manager Theo Epstein left in disgust.

Manny Ramirez left in disgust, even putting his condo up for rent.

They traded their major-league ready shortstop (Hanley Ramirez) along with at least one top pitching prospect (Anibal Sanchez or Jesus Delgado) to the Marlins for Mike Lowell and a pitcher with a history of blisters and a bad MRI (Josh Beckett). And they still have to pick up the $18 million tab on Lowell as well. What a bargain!

They also paid the Braves $11 million to take former All-Star Edgar Renteria in exchange for a prospect (third baseman Andy Marte) who they don't have a position for because they already traded for Lowell.

$11 million + $18 million =$29,000,000 paid to other teams so their players can play for other teams =insane.

The Bambino is laughing...


Laurel said...

The Bambino is dead now - may his soul rest in peace - we can't use him as an excuse any more. 'Tis the way of the Red Sox Nation. Disapoinmtments like these are part of what makes us who we are.

The Archer of the Forest said...

I was wondering if this post was going to solicite a comment from you, Laurel.

If its any consolation, at least Red Sox fans are better than Cubs fans in that. Red Sox fans want to win, but experience has taught them to expect the worst (aside from last year).

I think Cubs fans actually like losing and expect the worst by default and are never disappointed. Its a weird sort of loser cult. I remember the first Cubs game I ever went to: Sosa hits a homerun and the Cubs lose by a hefty margin, and everyone goes home happy. Maybe its the sports coach in me, but if you ever lose a game and go home happy, there is something systemically wrong.