Sunday, December 18, 2005

Finally, a good blog quiz!

Thanks to the Deaf Jedi for finding this one...I was betting on Augustine, but Barth is good too.

You scored as Karl Barth.

The daddy of 20th Century theology. You perceive liberal theology to be a disaster and so you insist that the revelation of Christ, not human experience, should be the starting point for all theology.

Karl Barth 93%

Augustine 80%

John Calvin 67%

Anselm 67%

Jonathan Edwards 67%

Martin Luther 60%

Charles Finney 53%

Friedrich Schleiermacher 53%

Paul Tillich 13%

J?Moltmann 13%

Which theologian are you?


Wozzeck33 said...

This quiz is questionable at best. I scored as "Anselm." Huh?

The Archer of the Forest said...

Well, all online quizzes are a bit silly.

Although, I could see you as an Anselm kind of guy...