Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Reason #2143 of Why I hate Mega Churches

My friend Al, who reads this blog but rarely leaves comments, was telling me yesterday before Lessons and Carols about an article in the Chicago Tribune saying that a lot of mega-churches like Chicago's own Willow Creek, will actually be closed on Christmas and will have no services. I found a copy of the AP article (which I assume is the same article Al was referring to) here.

On a usual year, this may not be such a weird thing. But this year, Christmas falls on a Sunday. Not having a church on Christmas Sunday just blows my mind. I hate to break it to these folks but Christmas means Christ-mass meaning having a mass commemorating Christ. Perhaps my logic is too fuzzy and abstract?I have to agree with the article. I can understand not having the usual 3 Sunday services or whatnot. But not having any services on Christmas day at all?I have a friend at the church I have been attending here in Chicago.

I remember last year at coffee hour, someone made some comment about being out of town on Easter Sunday. Joe, who is old school Anglo-catholic, about had a hissy fit because all Sundays are technically a little slice of Easter. I don't know if I quite agree with that wording, but, semantics aside, Sunday is always a time of worship, especially on a major feast day. This business of not wanting to impose the church on people's "family Christmas time" even when it falls on a Sunday, is just truly bizarre to me. I think you need to re-examine your priorities as a Christian, if you are not willing to get out and worship on the commemoration of the birth of The Incarnation.


The Archer of the Forest said...

Thanks to Al for pointing out my dead link...I fixed it.

Kyle said...

I plan on picketing the local megachurch tomorrow: "Put the Mass Back in Christmas!"