Friday, January 20, 2006

Archer 3.0

As some of you may have noticed, I have added a few new features to my blog on the sidebar. The first is the Daily Greek section, which the Deaf Jedi led me to. I tried to find a daily Latin link, but I may be stuck with just the Greek unless I want to invent one.

Secondly, and this was just added today, AKMA made reference to a blog search engine called Technorati with which I was heretofore unfamiliar. (Since it is a mention of AKMA, I have to make sure the grammar was right in that sentence.) If you scroll down, you can now keyword search all my blog entries instead of having to search the archives one by one. So, when you need to read my rants on Thanksgivoweenmas or Football commentary, you can now search and surf right to it. I have now finished my upgrades to this blog to what can only call Archer 3.0.

I have also been assimulated and resistance is futile.

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