Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mack Brown finally wins the Big One

Texas finally proved that it can win the big one under Mack Brown. I was dubious all season, but they did it. And under the gun I might add. They were down 10 points in the second half, but they kept their cool and won the national championship. As much as I don't like Texas, I tip my hats to them. Of course, I never cared much for USC either.

With Texas' win, my overall bowl prediction win-loss ratio goes to 18-10. That is the first time I have ever been in double digits in the loss category predicting bowls. But in my defense, most of those bowl losses were the bowls that no one cares about. I am 2-2 in the BCS bowls this year, down from 4-0 last year. As much as I had doubts about Texas, I did concede that I thought they had the physically superior team. My key to the game was that if they could get the monkey off their backs, they could win. In my analyses, I thought the two were evenly matched overall, which it turns out I was right at least in that.

I think the real shocker of the BCS bowls was West Virginia's win over Georgia in what was essentially a home game for the Dawgs. A 28-0 first quarter lead was truly shocking. It turned out they needed that cushion because one the Dawgs finally woke up, they turned it on. I was also rather amazed that Auburn was smacked as badly as they were, as was Georgia Tech.

In terms of conference dominance, I have to humbly apologize to the Big XII. I thought the Big XII was one of the weakest major conferences this year. They did incredibly well in the bowls, winning of course the national championship, but also some impressive wins by Nebraska over Michigan and an Oregon upset by Oklahoma. I was also surprised at how badly Miami lost to an LSU team with a 2nd string QB. I think LSU might be my preseason #1 pick for next year, depending on how many players Texas loses.

In any event, I've had better seasons of bowl prognostications. Again, congrats to Texas. I have to admit, I didn't mind seeing a California team get deflated.

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