Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mid Term Busy Bees

I think I officially hit the halfway point in my seminary career this week and also the week in the quarter when the first batch of papers are due. It feel sort of weird to be half way through seminary. In some ways, it seems like I have been here forever, and in other ways like I have barely been here at all.

I did get to experience something today that usually never happens mid-term. I started a new class over at Garrett (the Methodist seminary across the street). The class is called "Pastor as Counselor" and, surprisingly, is an introductory course on pastoral counselling techniques. My roommate and I are the only Seaburians in the class. It was quite refreshing to see some actual diversity and hear some fresh voices. The professor is Presbyterian, which adds to the fun.

As fun(ky) as it is to be on the block and in a small community, sometimes our discussions get a little stale when you hear the same people in every class day after day (after day). I love my class, but getting off the block for another course is refreshing, even if I have to put up with crossing Sheridan Road while watching for grape juice drinking Pelagians.

I guess I am just a mid term busy bee.


Emily said...

Off the block is good. It's very good. It seems really important in the winter, when everything just seems a little closed in on the block.

Susie said...

i agree. i had a great time taking a class at garrett. good for you! just be careful crossing that street...