Monday, January 16, 2006

Superbowl TGTBT

The NFL sports rivalry here at Seabury has been interesting to watch the last couple of weeks. Obviously, being in Chicago, there are quite a few Bears fans. We also have several people from Indiana who are ardent Colts fans. Last week looked like we might possibly have a realistic shot at Indianapolis v Chicago in the Superbowl. That would have been one cool Superbowl party here at the Seabury Pen.

Alas, no one bothered to tell either team that since both 'Da Bears and Colts manages to lose yesterday to, at least I think, inferior opponents. It was almost like that Colts game had been scripted. Colts were down big, rallied back to within 3 points, turned the ball over of their own 3 yard line, only to see Jerome Bettis fumble. The kicker had not missed a place kick all year, but you knew what coming. The Colts lost as they missed the game tying field goal badly wide right. Da Bears lost as well, though they trailed the whole game and never really were in a position to win it.

I guess the Sox used up all the fate with the Chicago World Series win. So, instead of Superbowl XL, the Midwest gets Superbowl TGTBT: Too Good to Be True. But as the Cubs say, "Maybe next year..."

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J Hearne said...

Fair enough, but if Indy had won, yesterday, it would have been one of the biggest robberies in the history of the playoffs. The PassInterference call and the interception that was taken away. Pittsburgh deserved to win yesterday. Indy may have won that game 4 out of 5 times, but Pittsburgh deserved that win.