Saturday, January 07, 2006

Thoughts on the First Week of Class

I finally finished my first week of classes. I am basically looking forward to my classes this quarter. Rumor has it that we are actually going to have some real lectures this quarter, not the usual Seabury learning by clairvoyant osmosis pedagogical model. Coming from a more old school classroom model, I really hate it when I do not get good lectures on a regular basis. I understand that small group discussion has its positive learning studies to back it up, but I just do not get any anything out of classes like that usually. I am not paying several thousand dollars a year to listen to my peers talk about what they think the readings mean. Sorry, but I want to hear from the folks with the PhD's.

As I was saying, I think this crop of classes will be a good one. New Testament II (with lectures), Ethics II (with lectures), Use of the Voice (singing/lectoring, and yes, some lectures), Preaching B (self explanatory, and yet hopefully we will get some lectures). OK, enough of that rant. I am also going to take a Pastor as Counselor class at another seminary, which ought to be fun. I hear they have an excellent pastoral care staff, and I would expect nothing less from semi-Pelagians. That class does not start until February, which will give me a little cushion to get some papers done.

And the good news is that I don't have to buy that many books this quarter.


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