Monday, January 09, 2006

Top Ten Woopsie

I was reminded, none too subtly, by a Texan friend of mine that while I had blogged on Texas winning the national championship, I had forgotten to update my final top ten. So there, much to my collegiate horror: No. 1: Texas

With Young leaving Texas, however, that leaves next season wide open. To be fair, Texas will remain No. 1 in my poll until they prove they are not No. 1 anymore. With that out of the way, I am not exactly sure who will be the realistic front runner. Notre Dame was rumored but with their rather bad loss to OSU, I think the Irish are going to be a few years before they are legit contenders for Numero Uno. LSU might be back in the mix, as will Ohio State.

The really interesting thing to watch in football in the next few months is whether some greedy fool of on NFL owner will draft former Virginia Tech player Marcus Vick (little brother of Atlanta Falcons phenom Michael Vick). Vick was kicked of the Virginia Tech team, finally, after...if my memory serves: underage drinking with young teenager girls, speeding with marijuana in the car, spending a season under suspension from the Virginia Tech football team, giving the universal sign to bad drivers to West Virginia fans, driving while suspended, intentional stomping during a bowl game, getting kicked out of college and now, flashing a piece at a burger joint. (Note: flashing guns in Appalachia is not good idea. Chances are the other guy has a bigger one.) This guy makes Terrell Owens look like a well behaved bargain, and yet some NFL team will no doubt reward his stupidity with a contract for more than I'll ever make as a priest.

Having coached sports on various levels, I really find it sad that bad boy jocks (in the true sense of the word) give athletes such a bad reputation. I know so many people who had to have a sports scholarship to get through college or they'd have spent their life farming or working at the 5 & 10. What you never hear in the media is the good that a lot of athletes get to do with their life because of college sports. They get degrees and become productive citizens and businessmen and such. You likewise seldom hear of star athletes who do good things. Peyton Manning rents out the RCA dome (out of his own pocket) in Indianapolis on weekends the Colts are not in town so that poor high school football teams can come and play their Friday games at the RCA dome. I can only imagine what a treat that is for high school kids.

OK...enough of that rant. In any event, I am slated to be in Jolly Old England in the Fall so I am not certain how much American football I will be able to commentate on. Maybe I will comment on some cricket scores or something...

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