Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Attack of the MegaChurches

Here's a very interesting article on the MegaChurch phenomenon. (And everyone knows how much I hate, I mean MegaChurches)

Here some interesting statistics from the article (with my sardonic commentary in parentheses):

- 56 percent of megachurches said they have tried to be more multiethnic and 19 percent of their attendance is not from the majority race of the congregation. (The times I have been to MegaChurches, they are completely white or black. Segregation is alive and well in the MegaChurch from my point of view.)

- The average yearly income of megachurches is $6 million, while they spend on average $5.6 million each year. (So, what do they do with the extra $400000?)

- The states with highest concentrations of megachurches are California (14 percent), Texas (13 percent), Florida (7 percent) and Georgia (6 percent). (The first three do not suprise me at all. Georgia does surprise me a bit, although now that I think about it, I guess it shouldn't.)

- The average megachurch has 3,585 in attendance, a 57 percent increase compared to five years ago. (Hmmm, and yet the mainlines keep nose diving.)

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