Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I made a Mug!

They offer adult enrichment classes at one of the cultural activities centers here in Evanston. I decided over break that I needed to do something not church or seminary related, so I have been taking a pottery class on Monday nights. Most people find it shocking I have an artistic streak.

We finally got our first attempt pottery object back last night. I made a mug and glazed it myself. Notice the exquisite Fred Flintstone engraving I added before glazing! Truly a masterpiece.

Well...not really. To paraphrase LBJ out of context and vocabulary: It may be a crooked and somewhat leaning mug, but by golly its my crooked and somewhat leaning mug. It has character...that's it...uh, yeah.


Kyle said...

Baby, that's sexy.

Raisin said...

Nice work, Archer!

Susie said...

nice! plus, i could easily tell it was Fred Flintstone well before I read it. So, thats good!