Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Vector Physics and Breaking Glass

I am occasionally notorious for accidently breaking glassware (I will let you figure out what 'occasionally' modifies in that sentence). Last night as I was turning out the light to go to bed, I accidentally knocked a glass I had on the stand onto the floor.

I am always truly amazed at how well glass can shatter into minute pieces and travel at weird vectors.

Ode to Holy &%$#@!#!
by the Archer of the Forest

You didst but fall a whole 2 feet...
but, oh what a mess I now must meet.

All over the floor.
and under the door.

Under the trunk,
amongst the junk.

Some over here,
and some over there.

Into your shoe,
(which smarts too).

Through the air,
and into my hair.

You want to say something like, "Holy &%$#@!#!"
Which coincidentally rhymes with virtually anything.

1 comment:

Raisin said...

hope you didn't hurt yourself, archer!