Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Great Weiner Dog Heist

A few weeks ago, I posted of picture of the new dog my mother acquired. It had two different colored eyes, and as Kyle said, "Dude, it looks like a zombie...that's awesome!" Apparently someone else thought that as well because I am sad to report there has been a weiner dog heist.

If it wasn't so sad, it would be hilarious:

As my mother related the story, she came home and the gate was ajar as if someone had slammed it shut in a hurry. The doberman was really agitated and barking, which is unusual because that is a pretty laid back dog. Upon further inspection, remnants of dog biscuits were near the fence and half a pair of blue jeans. My mother called the cops upon realizing there was a weiner dog-snatching. The cops concluded that the perpetrator apparently had lured the weiner dog up to the fence with the dog biscuits, opened the fence really quickly, and grabbed it. Apparently not in time for the doberman to bite him on the fanny and rip off half of the seat of his pants before he made a full moon getaway.

If anyone is in East Tennessee and sees a man running around with half a pair of pants while carrying a zombie dog, call the cops...

I am left trying to figure out why you would want to steal a dog? A million dollar Westminster dog show dog would be one thing, but a stray from a pound that was about to be euthanized because no one wanted her? There are way more cute dogs in pounds and shelters and rescue societies than can ever find homes. It is not like dogs are in short supply. I am sure if they had wanted it that bad, my mother would probably have sold it to them or got on the horn and found another dog like it. That's just truly bizarre.

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babbles said...

My mommy says if you need a new weenie, you can have me, but she doesn't mean it.