Monday, March 27, 2006

MSN Messenger Weirdness

I noticed yesterday that my MSN Messenger (instant messaging) was acting really weird. I guess that's not exactly true. It wasn't acting weird, it just wasn't working at all. I would try to log in and would get this bizarre Error Message. Due to Seabury's funkadelic internet server and my own computer which is probaby in need of a reformat in the next couple of months, I ran every diagnostic I could think of. MSN Messenger has a trouble shooting diagnostic, and everything seemed to check out. I rebooted (which I hardly ever have to do) and that didn't do it. I checked to make sure the Microsoft IM network was running, which it was. I finally gave up and went to bed.

I got up this morning, and the same thing was happening. Finally I was google searching the error number and ran across this blog. The blog said to check your computer's clock and resynchronize and it would fix the Messenger problem. I thought that sounded insane, but I tried it. Sure enough, I had been looking at the calendar last night and had accidently set the date for September 27, 2006. I fixed that and MSN Messenger worked immediately.

Who'd a thunk it was the calendar?

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