Monday, March 06, 2006

Shameless Dachshund Pic

My mother just got this new dog. Apparently it was abandoned in an apartment in Nashville with a Rottweiler before animal control picked her up. She only knows how to get along with large dogs., which is a good thing, considering my mother has a good sized Dobie.

She (her name is Floosy of all things) was apparently about to be euthanized because no one wanted her. I guess this is because she is such an unusual brindle coloring and has two different colored eyes. I have seen Huskies and Malamutes with different colored eyes before, but never a dachshund.

So, let me get this right...a large Dobie (80-90 lbs) and a minature weiner dog (8 to 9 lbs.) As weird as that sounds, they are apparently getting along great. She will probably be the alpha dog in no time. Notice the rope's about as large as the dobie's head.


Kyle said...

Dude. This dog looks like a zombie. That's awesome!

Dawgdays said...

As long as the dobie follows the rule - never eat anything bigger than your head.