Monday, April 17, 2006

Baseball- two weeks in

Major League Baseball is through the second week of the season, and here is how its looking.

In the AL, Boston is out to a very healthy 9-4 start. The White Sox and Indians look like they are going to be duking it out again. (Cleveland is up by a half game at this point.) The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Earth, and all points West seem to be leading the West even though they are are at a rather dismal .500.

In the NL, this may be the year the Mets finally win the East back from the Braves after 14 years. I think the Bravos are already missing pitching guru Leo Mazzone who left after almost 20 years for the Baltimore O's. The NL Central seems to have a boatload of baseball teams in the running, with only a game separating Houston (in the lead) from Cincinnati, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and, surprisingly, the Cubs who are minus both major pitchers. San Francisco leads the West, although the post-juiced Bonds is yet to have a homer (amazing what will happen when you get off the 'roids).

I do not expect a whole lot from the Yanks this year. The more prima donnas, the poorer you get: inverse proportion law at work. Colorado is 7-5, surprisingly. Sadly, I don't think the Rockies will ever make a serious run at a championship due to the mountain air. No sane Pitcher would ever sign there of his own free will. Detroit is at 7-6, but they always start off pretty good the first couple of weeks and then tank. Poor Washington (the team no one wants to buy, thus MLB runs it caveat emptor.)

The two things I am most interested in seeing is 1. how Baltimore does this year with Leo Mazzone as pitching coach. I think they will improve, and from the farm reports, they have some good pitchers on the way up. I am also interested to see what the Marlins will do. They are in a nasty feud with the city for a new stadium, and if they tank (which looks likely), they may bolt to San Antonio. Just what the franchise needs, to go from the stepchild of Miami to third fiddle in Texas behind the Rangers and Astros.

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